Announcing our Building Beauty Grant scheme promoting beauty in the public realm.

The annual deadline for applications is 1 October.

Uglification of our streets is a longstanding problem: a source of widespread concern for at least a century now. Degradation of detail, loss of distinctiveness, cacophonous signage and general visual poverty are all well-recognised blights that have a negative effect on our daily lives. Looked at from the other side, though, the potential for improvement is huge: there is great scope for inspired local projects that bring back beauty. Our intention is to help beauty regain a foothold by supporting small changes that make a big difference.

We are interested in supporting projects that

  • add beauty to the streetscape
  • improve the appearance of neglected and forgotten spaces
  • are imaginative, beautifully-designed and show attention to detail
  • are closely related to their context and demonstrate local civic pride
  • are permanent interventions (as opposed to temporary installations)

Projects must be

  • in the United Kingdom
  • new (as opposed to restoration projects)
  • in the public realm, that is freely visible and accessible to the public and not on private land.

Grants will normally be up to £5,000 but may go higher for exceptional schemes. They may be used as match funding, ie to add to or attract other funding. We cannot make up funding shortfalls in projects that have already started. To apply, please email to a description of your project including total expected cost (as a guide, one sheet of A4 is sufficient) together with supporting images.

Grants will be payable in agreed instalments, the first payable once all necessary permissions are obtained and work has begun and the last payable on satisfactory completion of the project. Unless agreed otherwise, grant offers will lapse eighteen months after the offer date if the conditions for payment of the first instalment have not been met.

As a condition of any grant, The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust must be acknowledged in all publicity and literature about the project.

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